Direct Reprogramming of Fibroblasts to induced Renal Tubule Cells (iRECs)
For in vitro disease modeling or nephrotoxicity testing
Easy, standardized and sustainable monitoring of air quality
Novel, modular and controllable drug delivery platform
Releasable on demand PEGylated drug-nanocarriers
Cloning & Expression System optimized for Repetitive Units
All-in-one vector toolbox – straightforward cloning, multimerization,
combination & expression of repetitive protein polymer units
Mediator Probe PCR
A cost-effective Approach for Real-Time PCR
Novel animal model for Obesity related disorders and Diabetes
Lead compound selection and optimization through this relevant
animal model enabling identification of drug target genes in vivo
Microarray Xeroxing
Copy Next Generation Microarrays from Next Generation Sequencing Chip
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