Medical Technology

Single-Handed-Adjustable Stylet (SHAS)
Einhändiges Verfahren für die endotracheale Intubation
Modifiziertes Smart Jamshidi
Einfache und preiswerte Erkennung einer Pedikelperforation während
der Wirbelsäulenchirurgie in Echtzeit
A Novel Design of a Single Vessel Dual Balloon Catheter
For a controlled, reperfusion-arrhythmia-free recovery of ischaemic myocardium
Mehrarmige Spreizpinzette
Einfache, preiswerte, sanfte und schnelle Entfernung des Chorions
von Zebrafischembryos
NMR-based magnetic field sensor with active frequency control
Encapsulation method for sensors with enhanced flexibility and reduced system cost
Hardware for Enhanced MRI Contrast
Simultaneous Excitation and Acquisition in MRI with an Automatic
Active Cancellation System to Image Tissues with Short T2
Modular gradient and shim coil array (MRI)
A novel manufacturing technique for novel imaging techniques
Novel, modular and controllable drug delivery platform
Releasable on demand PEGylated drug-nanocarriers
Spiral thrombectomy catheter
Gentle, minimally invasive removal of clots from peripheral vessels
A Novel Design for a Metallic Stent in Vascular Bifurcations
Flexibility, mechanical stability, X-ray visibility, slow bioresorption, excellent biocompatibility,
rapid endothelialization and prevention of negative flow conditions
Новая конструкция металлического стента для бифуркаций сосудов
Гибкость, механическая стабильность, рентгеноконтрастность, медленная
биорезорбция, отличная биосовместимость, быстрая эндотелизация и
профилактика ухудшения параметров кровотока
Novel animal model for Obesity related disorders and Diabetes
Lead compound selection and optimization through this relevant
animal model enabling identification of drug target genes in vivo
Inspired by Nature: Synthetic Mimics of Antimicrobial Peptides (SMAMPs)
For non-medical or medical use – In solutions or linked to surfaces –
Combining antimicrobial with anti-biofouling activities