For Companies

Technologies from universities and colleges

Are you looking for innovative technologies, expert knowledge or attractive cooperation projects in order to give your company a technological lead?

As a patent commercialisation agency for many colleges and clinics, we have access to an extensive network of experts and a broad range of patent-based and forward-looking technologies, predominantly from the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology, microsystem technology, materials research and related fields.

Our other offers:

  • Technology offers (TechOffers)
  • Licences & options
  • R&D cooperations
  • Recruiting of experts & contracts with consultants
  • Advising on inventions & technology
    • Testing, evaluating, recommending
  • Patents
    • Research & strategy consulting
    • Licences & patent assignments
  • R&D cooperations & subsidies

Talk to us, our experienced experts will support you in your search for suitable technologies or cooperation partners and be at your side throughout the whole process.