For Researchers

From an idea to a patent, from a patent to exploitation

Have you ever considered whether your research results have potential for commercial applications?

Would you like to have your invention patented – but you are not sure how, or what needs to be considered? Does an invention always need to be registered by the employer, and how does it work with disclosure?

Do I always need to “complete the research” for an invention or take it to a level of maturity that makes it interesting for industrial partners? When may an application for protective rights be sufficient?

Our support and advising offers extend along the entire process chain, from the invention to out-licensing

Our offers:

  • Advising on inventions
    • Testing, evaluating, recommending
  • Patents
    • Research, strategies, registrations
  • “Completing research”
    • Development & budget planning
    • Cooperations & subsidies
  • Uses
    • Usage plans & strategies
    • Industry contacts
    • Negotiations & conclusion of contracts
  • Training on patents & innovations
  • Support for all translational aspects when submitting applications

Contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions, advise you, identify with you what action is needed and actively support you in implementing the necessary measures.