Technologie allgemein

Enhanced RNA or DNA Delivery
Biodegradable multila yer nanocapsules:
highly efficient gene de livery to target cells
One Pot Nanocellulose Production
Ionic liquid-mediated technology to produce cellulose nanocrystals
directly from wood
Easy, standardized and sustainable monitoring of air quality
Hydroxypropyl pine tannin derivatives
Novel propylene oxide containing tannin derivatives with beneficial
attributes for the production of bio-based materials
Inspired by Nature:  Synthetic Mimics of Antimicrobial Peptides (SMAMPs)
For non-medical or medical use – In solutions or linked to surfaces –
Combining antimicrobial with anti-biofouling activities
A method for eliminating the natural cytotoxicity of kapok,
kapok and nonwovens, hygienic and/or cosmetic products
Membrane pump for generating a near laminar flow as well
as methods for operating such diaphragm pump
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Novel way to transmit Nano wires on surfaces of devices with
high spatial resolution
Completely self-adjusted surface-emitting semiconductor Laser
for surface mounting having optimized properties
Angled junction between a microstrip line and a rectangular waveguide