Self-reliant bioactive forms of vitamin B12
PDE-4-Inhibitors for treatment of dyslipoproteinemia
Direct Reprogramming of Fibroblasts to induced Renal Tubule Cells (iRECs)
For in vitro disease modeling or nephrotoxicity testing
New Therapeutic Potential for Prostate Cancer
Assembly of methylated LSD1 and CHD1 drives AR-dependent
transcription and translocation
Tumor metastasis targets in bone
A novel strategy to inhibit breast cancer metastases to bone
XD46 – a potent fragment against novel anticancer targets
Targeting Bromodomains for the treatment of cancer
Modulators of the interaction of Astrin and Raptor, and uses thereof in cancer therapy
Bacterial toxins – specific inhibitors of Rho family members
PaTox & Afp18 modify Rho GTPases by tyrosine mono-O-glycosylation
to result in inhibition of Rho signaling
Novel animal model for Obesity related disorders and Diabetes
Lead compound selection and optimization through this relevant
animal model enabling identification of drug target genes in vivo
Circulating Mitochondrial DNA as Marker for Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Diseases
A sensitive diagnostic tool and superior biomarker of disease activity
Treatment of Inflammation and Atherogenesis
Therapeutic Targeting of CD40L/Mac-1 interaction
New Therapy in Pulmonary Fibrosis
CCR6 Mediates CCL18 Induced Fibrosis and EMT
Inhibition and Promotion of Angio- and Arteriogenesis
Regulatory function of miRNA-100 via mTOR
Anti-PSMA Immunotoxins
Novel Targeted Therapeutics for Prostate Cancer
New Therapeutic Potential for Prostate Cancer
Epigenetic LSD1 controls Prostate Tumor Growth
Active and Passive Vaccines Against Multiresistant Gram-positive Pathogens
Chemosensitizer – Resistance breaker
Methadone – an effective resistance knockout drug for cancer treatment
Precursors of lipid metabolism for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
mRNA-Transfection of adult progenitor cells for specific tissue regeneration
Protein with promoting effects for axonal growth of neurons of central
nervous system
Compounds A-R-X for the manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations